CMIC Church Couples Workshop “Understanding Eden”

 We have had a burden to help churches with their married couples before there is a crisis and teach them how to prevent a crisis. The challenge was to develop materials that would Biblically base, as well as practical to everyday living using our experience of working with couple over 7 years. We think we have accomplished that through our workshop called “Understanding Eden”.

This church workshop is for couples, starts all the way back in the Garden of Eden where we discover our created purpose and work our way back to transformed living in the New Testament. We give many practical tools, one in particular that we believed saved our marriage and we have seen save dozens more that we have help through a crisis.

We were invited to Palmerdale First Baptist Church on February 3rd and 4th, 2012. We had around 30 people that ranged from couples who are dating after a hard divorce, engaged, married 40 years and everything in between.

If you are interested in having us come and gave this workshop at your church please call (205) 621-9328 or email at