2013 Womens and Mens Workshops

We just had another successful CMIC Individual Intensive Workshop.

We had five new couples seperate and begin to look at their “strongholds” that are effecting them individually, which in turn is effecting their marriages from delevoping true intimacy.  We were amazed once again the way God used us by being open with our past pain. The material that God has helped us put together impacted their lives tremendously.  During these 3 days of intense attention, it was awesome to see more “walls torn down” and more “light bulbs coming on”!! As we have said, when we went to one of these types of workshops, we were told that it would be the equivalent of a year of marriage counseling and we didn’t believe it. But we can say it was true for us, we have seen it in these women and men over these several days.  Three of these couples are now in Couples Recovery Groups and thriving not just surving in their marriages.

Continue to pray as more couples come looking for healing!