Our Uniqueness

Paul and SuziMeet Paul and Suzanne Talley

We spent 18 years in full-time ministry in the pastorate, on the mission field in Honduras, Central America, and Latin America Director for our mission.

Then, our world was turned upside down! We left full-time ministry for 6 years to work on our own marriage. Praise the Lord we had people come along side of us, “walked with us” and sent us to intensive marriage counseling all of which helped save our marriage. Out of our pain we began to heal and as we became healthier, hurting couples began to seek our help. We did this as a lay ministry for almost five years.

Today this is our full-time ministry, working with Couples in Crisis as we were once in crisis. With God’s help we are seeing broken relationships mended as ours was. Because of Paul’s background and because many of the couples we work with have some kind of sexual addictions/compulsion Paul has become a Pastoral Sexual Addiction Professional (PSAP). Full certifications was a long process but this certification has been and will continue to be invaluable to our ministry. Suzanne is a Certified Life Couch which is another great asset to working with our couples, especially the women.

We Walk with Couples in Crisis

We believe for a Couple in Crisis to recover from their trauma, they need intense, hands-on help just like we had in the beginning. We make ourselves available throughout the week and have regular face-to-face session (in person or by Zoom). We also help each husband and each wife develop community so that they have support 24/7.  So as a result, when a couple comes to CMIC they find a ministry that doesn’t “clock in” and “clock out” as a typical counseling setting would do. We do this until the couple is emotionally ready and has the basic tools of communication in place for them to thrive in their community.

The Basic CMIC Program has these components:

  • Couple-to-couple counseling.
  • Individual work for the Husband and Wife through Living180 Bootcamp.
  • Couples work for dealing with the destructive patterns that have developed in the marriage through Living180 Bootcamp.

Paul walks with Men/Young Men struggling with Sexual Issues

Paul (PSAP) walks alongside men who struggle with different types of sexual compulsions and/or addictions. He does that in a non-judgement way as he focuses on the “why” and not on the “what” they are doing. He is compassionate as he has struggled with his own sexual addiction and has been sober since 2004. He has dozen of men, young and old, find freedom in this shaming struggle.

Suzanne walks with Women struggling

Suzanne (Life Coach) helps ladies navigate you through different seasons of transformation. Her unique style with a proven process has help several find freedom to live the way God wants them to live.

We Walk with Pastors and Churches

We work alongside pastors and churches as an extension of their ministry. We oversee a complete recovery for the couple as well as individually, utilizing the resources of the CMIC Workshops and other organizations if needed.

We work with pastors and elders of churches that have crisis in their own marriages assuring the fullest of confidentiality so that full and complete restoration may be obtained.

We Walk with Missionaries

We walk alongside churches and mission agencies with Missionary Readiness.

  • Preparation for Culture Shock
  • Emotional Support On and Off the Field
  • Furlough Preparation
  • Supporters/Mission Agencies Communication
  • Preparation for 3rd Culture Kids