CMIC Individual Workshop For Women

Presently only offering Living180 Marriage Boot Camp which includes all our materials from our Individual and Couples Workshops and more. Why you might ask? Well back in 2020, Covid-19 cancelled all our Workshops except for 1 we had in January 2020. During that shutdown, we went to work and recorded all the Workshop materials and developed the Bootcamp. The response has be incredible and marriages are being changed so we want to continue on focusing on the Bootcamp.

The Healing for Women workshop is a short-term, intensive setting that maximizes your investment of time and money. The three-day workshop provides the equivalent of several months of weekly individual counseling and is a huge jump-start or boost for individual recovery. Individual recovery is crucial for a couple to truly heal their relationship. Each individual must stay focus on what they need to change to improve their marriage and stop focusing on what their spouse must do.

Each woman will understand themselves better which will allow them to understand their behaviors/reactions, but also the core of these behaviors/reactions. With the instruction and tools given at this workshop, it helps the individual to interact on a more intimate level with their spouse. They will learn how to communicate in a way that is true to their heart, their needs and able to express their pain in a healthy way.

The workshop fee of $675.00 includes all lodging, meals and materials.

Deposit: $300.00This non-refundable deposit is required for registration a minimum of 30 days before the schedule workshop.

The deposit may be transferred to the next workshop, if necessary. A $50 change fee will be charged if a transfer is requested within 10 business days of the originally scheduled workshop.

The total workshop fee is due before the first day of the workshop.

If, the Friday before your scheduled workshop, you do not notify CMIC of your intent to change the date of your workshop, you will not be allowed to attend the workshop and your deposit will be forfeited and you will lose the opportunity to transfer. No refunds will be given for money paid for a CMIC Workshop only transfer to another scheduled workshop.

N0te: Unfortunately, this workshop is not designed to offer childcare, and it is not able to provide for nursing moms. We do pray that God would supernaturally provide for your children while you are away, and for nursing moms we pray with all our heart that Jesus would make a way for you to participate in a future retreat.

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