How You Can Pray…

  • Our biggest prayer request is that this is a very demanding ministry, one that Satan doesn’t like and he is on the attack. We can see it in our couples and we can even feel it in our own lives at times.
  • Pray for Project Hope to be successful so that we can have permanent offices, bring on another couple to help with the need and be able to hire a Administrative Assistant to take the load off of Paul.
  • Pray with us as we are asking individuals, churches and organizations to fund this ministry. Due to the amount of time we spend and the people to whom we minister (wounded couples in crisis) it is difficult to charge for our help. We feel this ministry may become self sustaining in the future but until then we are looking for more financial stability!
  • Pray for us as we lead 2 Couple Recovery Groups and meet with other couples that are at different stages of their recovery. Some are in immediate crisis and almost all of them were talking about filing for divorce when they came to us. Pray for God to intervene and restore hope in each couple.
  • Pray for the 2 Couple Recovery Groups that we have released and placed trained couples to lead other couples that are in different stages of their recovery. Pray for God to give the leaders wisdom of how to intervene and restore hope in each of these couples.
  • Pray and consider supporting our ministry financially. We do not charge the couples we help; we work by donations only. If you are interested in supporting our ministry please send your tax deductible gifts to CMIC 125 Cliff Road, Sterrett, Al. 35147. Please designate if it is one time gift or monthly support. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.