What Pastors are saying…

“As a pastor, it is invaluable to have a couple to whom I can entrust
a family in need of intensive care and healing and know they will be cared for!
I thank God for Paul and Suzanne.”
– Harry Walls III, Retired Pastor of Shades Mtn. Community Church

“The Talleys’ Ministry is an invaluable resource for Pastors and Church Leaders.”
– The Elders at Springville Road Community Church

What Couples are Saying…

“God is restoring my marriage through Paul and Suzanne’s ministry! In the short time we have been meeting with them, I have seen such a huge difference in my marriage.They are devoted to walking with you through the tough times and helping you reach true intimacy with your spouse! They are helping me to understand my spouse on so many different levels.” – AP

“Paul Talley was the first person my husband called in during our marriage crisis. His wife, Suzanne soon followed. They were filled with love, grace and experience to share with us during the most difficult time we had to walk through as a married couple. They never one time offered condemnation but always shared love, grace and most importantly Truth with us along our journey. They walked with us along with two other couples as the Lord began to heal our marriage. Today we are not a perfect couple but a healed couple and the Lord used Paul and Suzanne Talley as instruments in His hands to speak the truth into our lives and offer us love and grace in a very difficult time. We are so very grateful for them and always will be.”
– A Grateful Couple

“As a couple in crisis, we believe we were directed by God to you and would not be on a new journey towards intimacy without you. We are blessed that we have been the recipients of your gifts, experience, time and sponsorship. You both have truly served just in love.”
– C and K

“Last night was a huge encouragement to me. I feel a renewed hope in knowing that the Lord brought you into our lives at this time. Thanks for being willing to walk with us! ”
– Grateful Wife

I thank God for the restoration and healing He’s bringing to my husband and I as individuals and as a couple. Through counseling with Paul an Suzanne I have finally accepted His forgiveness and love. I’ve been able to forgive myself and trust Him to bring that same healing to our marriage.
– A Grateful Homeschooling Mother of two

“I am so thankful that God brought Paul and Suzanne into our lives I do not know what I would do without their guidance. God is truly showing me so many things about myself and my marriage through their insights. I know that their ministry is blessing me and helping me regardless of the outcome of my marriage. I have learned above all else to let go and let God. I have not been able to give them the money they deserve for all their time and availability. I pray more blessings on them than imaginable.”
– MC

“One of God’s richest blessings in my life was when I was given the wise and proven counsel of Paul and Suzanne Talley during a very rough period in my marriage. My marriage was already severely broken, attempts to restore us to a place of civility had failed, and then God brought Paul and Suzanne into our lives.

What I admire most about both of them is that they are very transparent about their own marital struggle, and that admission made it much easier to trust them as they partnered with my husband and me. I was asked over and over to do things I did not want to do or feel like doing because I was in so much pain, but I chose to obey them because I believed that the Talleys’ wisdom was more reliable than my emotions at the moment.

My marriage was not saved. Not because Paul and Suzanne were not effective, and Paul has told me not because I didn’t do my part. But, in spite of the failed marriage in my life, Paul and Suzanne are trusted friends; and, they are more than capable of navigating a couple through very dark waters and seeing them come out the other side victorious and healed and whole! ”
– CD

What Missionaries are saying…

“We are currently missionaries serving in Central America and would like to take this opportunity to share that without the love and encouragement from Paul and Suzanne Talley, we may not be on the field today or at the very least our first year on the field would have been much more difficult had they not been available to us.

Before leaving for the mission field, their advice based from their own experience living in Central America was priceless and helped equip us for what was coming. Our first year on the mission field attending language school was, at times unbearable. They were very instrumental in us having a successful year. They were always available to us for counsel via Skype or phone calls and also provided for us many times financially when we were in a bind. I can’t tell you how many times Paul and Suzi reminded us that we were O.K. and how much that meant to us.

This letter is an attempt to say that their experience on the foreign mission field coupled with their love and grace for us is in part what the Lord has used to help us adjust to living in a foreign county. We highly recommend them without reservation to attend to the needs of missionaries on the foreign field as well as being used for de-briefing purposes in the United States. It’s evident that their love for foreign missionaries comes from their love of the Gospel.

We know we are deeply loved by them as well as deeply grateful for their ministry to us and our family.”

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