Steps to Intimacy

Next Workshop: TBD

9 am-5 pm

Location: TBD

Cost: $50 per couple (Married couples ONLY, childcare not provided.)

This is like no other marriage conference you have been to. So many couples think that sex and intimacy are one in the same. This leaves many couples feeling completely disconnected, dissatisfied and more than frustrated in their marriage relationship. We find that society has put stereotypes on men and women about love and sexuality. So often we hear that men are hypersexual and women are more relational. This leaves many couples feeling shamed for their desires and needs. People need to understand how to relate to one another without the stereotypical labels that are put on men and women. We need to understand core desires and needs within our relationship with one another and how to cultivate a healthy walk towards intimacy.

Another typical problem in a marriage is that couples do not talk about their sexual relationship at all and feel that the other is depriving or withholding something from them. God designed sex within a marriage as part of intimacy. The sexual relationship between husband and wife is sacred, holy and worshipful. Sex isn’t the means to intimacy but an outcome of intimacy.

If you are not experiencing this type of intimate relationship in your marriage, come to our Steps to Intimacy Workshop and discover how you can feel fulfilled in your intimate relationship as husband and wife…the way that God designed it to be.

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